About This Project

We at Partners International Foundation will welcome your comments and suggestions about any aspect of the IED Incident Tracker. That includes the Tracker as a component of the Global Campaign against IEDs or the software and user interface we've used to implement the application. Please send an email with your comments to partners at partners-international dot org.


The IED Incident Tracker is one of two technology enablers in Partners International Foundation's Global Campaign against IEDs.

The goal of the IED Incident Tracker is to establish an independent, objective, and trusted global repository of verified IED incidents. The objectives are (1) a map-based view of these incidents available to local citizens as part of fact based information campaigns and (2) an underlying database of sufficient quality and structure to serve analysts tracking the success of our IED-related efforts. The data from the system will be made available to all interested parties in downloadable formats appropriate for further analysis to facilitate a truly accurate count of global IED incidents.


We see two viable paths for implementing the IED Tracker; develop our own from scratch or use the foundation provided by the Ushahidi project. This prototype is an investigation of the Ushahidi path. We are excited about the Ushahidi project and are grateful for all their work. Our experience so far leads us to believe that we will choose to use Ushahidi rather than developing our own application. In order to meet all of the IED Incident Tracker requirements we will be making significant modifications to several components of Ushahidi. For example, our analysts require a more complex category filter that would allow selection of say, "all person-borne IEDs having civilian targets." Because this more complex filter would detract from the very simple, straight-forward nature of the current Ushahidi user interface we envision implementing our filter as a user-selectable feature. And, as a plug-in that would be made available to the rest of the Ushahidi community.

Current Data Set. The initial IED data used to populate the Tracker is drawn from open source reports in the media and from trusted submitters for the period January 2008 to present. Representative samples were used for each report category as a means to demonstrate system capabilities and the types of reports that can be stored and generated. We do not represent it as inclusive of all IED incidents to date although we hope it will evolve to that state through input from contributors in the global community.