IRAQ -- KARBALA -- (2)x Vehicle Borne IEDs (VBIED)

16:00 Jul 15 2011 Karbala, Iraq

Friday's bomb exploded in a parking lot about 14 miles (22 kilometers) from the holy city of Karbala, where thousands of pilgrims were attending the annual Shiite festival of Shabaniyah.

The blast ignited five nearby cars, causing a second explosion when a gas tank caught fire, said Maj. Gen. Othman al-Ghanimy, commander of Karbala military operations. Two pilgrims were killed and four wounded, he said.

Karbala provincial councilman Hussein Shadhan al-Aboudi put the toll at three dead and 28 injured.

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Additional Data
Describe the type of IED used in this incident: Vehicle Borne IED (VBIED)
How was this IED initiated?: Unknown
Describe casualties and damage: CIVILIANS: (5)x KIA, (64)x WIA, MILITARY: (0)x, GOVERNMENT: (0)x, FIRST RESPONDER: (0)x Blast ignited (5)x vehicles. Secondary explosion was caused by the fuel tank of one of the ignited cars catching on fire.

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