12:00 Jul 14 2011 Kandahar, Afghanistan

On July 14, 2011, a male entered the funeral memorial service of the recently assassinated Ahmed Wali Karzai at a mosque in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and detonated a Person Borne IED (PBIED) hidden in his turban.

The governor, who was attending the memorial, said he saw the man's turban explode. The provincial intelligence chief, Gen. Mohammad Naeem Momin, said authorities drew the same conclusion after examining the bomber's remains.

Raziq said the bomber seated himself next to Hikmatullah Hikmat, the chief of the Kandahar province religious council, and detonated the explosives. Hikmat and two others, including another senior imam, were killed, and 15 people were wounded, according to the Interior Ministry.

It appeared that the bomber might have entered the mosque with the clergymen, taking advantage of the cover that they provided because imams are not searched, said Haji Mohammed Ehsan, a provincial council member who was near the blast.

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Additional Data
Other target description: Members of the Karzai family, high-level dignitaries. According to Governor Tooryalai Wesa, the suicide bomber appeared to have been targeting the Chief Cleric of Kandahar, Maulvi Hakmatullah Hekmat
Describe the type of IED used in this incident: Suicide Person Borne IED (PBIED)
How was this IED initiated?: Suicide; Command-Initiated
Describe casualties and damage: CIVILIANS: (4)x KIA, (15)x WIA, MILITARY: (0)x, GOVERNMENT: (0)x, FIRST RESPONDER: (0)x One of the civilian dead was identified as the Chief Cleric of Kandahar, Maulvi Hakmatullah Hekmat

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