16:00 Jul 15 2011 Maiduguri, Nigeria

A bomb wounded eight policemen Friday in the violence-hit Nigerian city of Maiduguri, the military said, while soldiers were accused of shooting civilians.

"The bomb was planted and the van drove over it, exploding and injuring eight policemen," said Colonel Victor Ebhaleme, operations commander for a military-police task force in the northeastern city.

An emergency source said there had been reports of shootings by the military as well, with a number of innocent civilians killed, though he could not yet provide details.

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Additional Data
Other target description: Police
Describe the type of IED used in this incident: Underbelly IED
How was this IED initiated?: Unknown
Describe casualties and damage: CIVILIANS: (5)x WIA, MILITARY: (0)x, GOVERNMENT: (0)x, FIRST RESPONDER: (8)x WIA

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