India - Guwahati: (2)x Improvised Explosive Devices (Found/Cleared)

13:56 Jul 19 2011 Guwahati, India, Baksa District

On July 14, 2011, (2)x IEDs were recovered in the Baksa District of Guwahati, India during search operations conducted by police and military personnel.

The first IED was found in a mini-truck at Saat Mile area under the Jalukbari Police Station containing ammonium nitrate. Additional chemicals were found, and are currently being tested for composition. Total weight was identified as approximately 200-250 grams. There were (2)x individuals present, however (1)x fled the incident scene. The other was detained and taken by police for questioning.

The second IED was located in the Tamulpur area of the Baksa District. Details of this devices were not disclosed.

Both devices were Found/Cleared by Indian EOD personnel.
Additional Data
Describe the type of IED used in this incident: Unknown
How was this IED initiated?: Unknown
Describe casualties and damage: No Casualties

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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